Annnnnd we’re back! Baby Gots Venom premiered last week on Thursday to the tune of, and we thank them with great gratitude and high hands. Now, it’s time for the public release of the official video of Baby Gots Venom from Toussaint Morrison wearing his director hat, colliding forces with creative comrade Kevin Obsatz, and former theatre classmate Brittany Benjamin. It’s a good one.


Getting by with a little harmony from his friends, Jimmy & The Threats, Toussaint Morrison delivers an anthemic blast to the solar plexus with a moving visual of the final single from his debut album Lesser Restoration. Teaming with director Danny Chamberlain, dance choreographer Jeremiah Lewis-Walker, and upcoming film talent Denari Jones, Morrison pieces together a music video narrative to the fill line of symbolism and vitriol.

Yes, the release of Last Day of School is finally here. After a 3 year hiatus, the enigmatic track is back!

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Toussaint Morrison was hired by a Minneapolis Public High School to teach a 3-month long slam poetry workshop, and to deliver a slam poem in each English class to stir up interest amongst the students. When the principal received word that Morrison had performed a spoken word piece about Minneapolis Public School’s national leading racial disparity, the experience of losing a classmate before graduation, and white privilege- well, Mr. Morrison was dismissed from his duties as a slam poetry workshop artist that day. Soon after, Morrison called upon his memories of past friends lost to gun violence, police brutality, and the hegemony experienced as a black male in classrooms constructed for white success, and wrote Last Day of School.


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Toussaint Morrison wrote the 1st verse for Baby Gots Venom in winter of 2014 and then, being the well-practiced self-saboteur he is, he stopped writing out of fear. Getting around to the spirit of Lesser Restoration, his soon-to-be-released debut album, Morrison befriends all his ghosts whether they be welcoming or not. Baby Gots Venom is no exception, and although it has disguised itself in the stripped down niceties of guitar, hand claps, and Morrison palming a plastic lid as a kick drum, listen closely and you’ll hear the new single for what it truly is: a neurotic dance on a one-way cyclical track. Whether the choreographed steps are cycling upwards or downwards, we’ll leave that to your own assessment.

Produced by Toussaint’s former bandmate from The Blend, Edward Folly on guitar, and his Phantom Menace, Dr. Wylie on everything else, Baby Gots Venom puts forth the best of Morrison in an unholy cabal of rap & soul shouting. Coming around to finish writing the song over 2 years later, it would be the highest deception to say this tune is “fresh”. Instead, it would be more appropriate to market this as “barrel-aged”.


Today, Toussaint Morrison releases his debut single to international PR, and his 4th single from his upcoming album Lesser Restoration.

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Equating the judicial system in America, for black men, as no different than the job of a coroner, Toussaint Morrison wastes no bars in getting straight to the crux of his new single release, Loaded Hearts. Inspired by Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between The World and Me, Morrison rifts on his struggle to determine if his black voice and body aren’t already hegemonized to the point he no longer has ownership over them. Embattled to take control over his skin in a country that has figuratively made it a target, Loaded Hearts is rife with unapologetic disdain for the U.S. judicial system referencing cops as “clones bred from the same venom” and living while black as “a social crime”.

Soul singer Faye Lewis joins Morrison in this ballad of social justice, stepping ever so slightly out of her natural lane of R&B and into a song brimming with synth & reverb. Produced by Dr. Wylie, Loaded Hearts sets the tone & theme of Toussaint Morrison’s upcoming debut album, Lesser Restoration.


Today, Dr. Wylie makes good on his Kickstarter promise to backers, and the rest of the multiverse, with his debut EP +1 Club. You can listen to and download the album below.

Apathetic to gravity, irregular maker of sound Dr. Wylie melds bodies of hip-hop to drum & bass, and then pushes them off cliffs of crescendos with wings made out of arpeggios. His unique style is constantly chasing his audio envy of Amon Tobin and Square Pusher, but never quite showing up to the same track.

Reclused to his basement headquarters beneath the coldest major city in the U.S. (Twin Cities), Wylie took the past winter off from assembling mixtapes for Toussaint Morrison, and concocted his own project via Kickstarter, +1 Club. Now, delivered to all backing parties, the evil audio dealer makes his debut EP release to the public. +1 Club debuts two new music videos, a complete series of audio-motion videos made by director Adam J. Dunn, and a beat that pulses into the linear distance of what seems like forever.


Today, Toussaint Morrison releases his debut single to international PR, and his 3rd single from his upcoming album Lesser Restoration.

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An unchecked adolescent roamed Blockbuster in the mid 90’s, renting anime (such as Akira) against his mothers wishes just before running off to the Mall Of America to break curfew and galavant the arcades ’til midnight. Toussaint Morrison reflects not only the lighter side of his past, but the moments that tie into his most trying years as an adult to weigh in on deciding if heartlessness is a cure to heartbreak.

New Gods, featuring Moon & Pollution lead singer Molly Dean and MacPhail Center for Music opera prodigy Chersti Rydning, caravan Morrison’s voice through a village of memories that have clearly kept him up at night, writing throughout the day, and most likely drinking before slumber. Can one song make too many video game references? Toussaint answers that, as well as carving a picture into the fog of a night on his own. Regardless of his answer, New Gods, like Midnight Marauders, is best when listened to at sundown or soon after.


Today, Toussaint Morrison released his first track in over two years. The new single, Minnesota, released today to most digital streaming sites, and more importantly as a music video to YouTube.

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Hey, we’re Urban Home Companion. Remember us?

It’s been awhile since we’ve done- well, anything public, but we’re still here! We’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus since finishing Wylie’s Kickstarter- which WILL be delivered soon- Mr. Morrison & his confidant huddled into the studio and have worked up 20+ tracks, Toussaint’s compilation of spoken word got punted into a 2017 release, and the duo will connect this weekend for Wylie’s wedding. Yes, you heard correct, Dr. Wylie is getting married.

All that aside, we have some exciting announcements: Toussaint Morrison & Dr. Wylie will be officially releasing 9 tracks in the form of an album titled “Lesser Restoration”, and they’ll be performing the tracks with a live band at the Icehouse in Minneapolis, MN on Friday, November 4th!

The album release show of Lesser Restoration will feature over a dozen local artists, new merch, Minneapolis’ own tequila El Nivel, and RLGDPPL opening up the night.

You can purchase tickets online NOW here:

You can also take that same URL, copy and paste it to your twitter or facebook!

Oh, and who’s that in the featured picture to the left of Toussaint? None other than actress, model, and personality Chersti Rydning who will be hosting the show November 4th, as well as featuring on a song during the set.

As always, stay tuned.