Trillmont Big PosterFast Times At Trillmont High from Toussaint Morrison, produced by Dr. Wylie, is the latest release on the Urban Home label. Charting as the #1 Hip-Hop Add to CMJ for June 18th, as high as #7 on Bandcamp’s best-sellers, and now #10 on CMJs Hip-Hop chart, the mixtape has risen to a widespread audience across the globe. We mark that as successful (wink wink), but we’re not stopping there.

The Trillmont experience will stretch throughout the summer with bonus tracks, merch updates, and new artwork from the cover artist Tom Mako.

Our first installment to the Fast Times At Trillmont High mixtape is a poster 2 ft. in heigh, and 18 inches wide. Glossy print, artwork by Tom Mako, limited in print, and (hold your breath)… signed by Tom Mako, Dr. Wylie and Toussaint Morrison in fancy shmancy paint pens.

Purchase the Fast Times At Trillmont High Poster HERE.