Soon after co-hort and conspirator, Toussaint Morrison, met the front page of the Free Music Archive, Dr. Wylie soon followed after being archived into the dot-org’s data base. The free music archive is new to us, but has a noticeable fast-growing fanbase that no artist can single handedly front for their own unless signed to a major, or label that dons “indie” but has pockets the size of Dwight Howard (figuratively and literally).

Scoring more downloads in one day than his entirety on bandcamp, Dr. Wylie rushes forward in our favorite present-time game… the numbers game. More importantly, Dr. Wylie’s music gets due diligence and opens up to a fanbase that would’ve never heard of him otherwise.

Download his free album, Wiggle, now at the FreeMusicArchive [highlight1]HERE[/highlight1]!