Yes, bad advice can be good. And no, you shouldn’t begin a sentence with “and”, but sometimes it feels like it’s the only option you have. The point of this: wrong can be right… given the circumstances. The contradiction on contradictions brings us to #LifeCoach, an Urban Home original webseries. The first episode released last week on Tuesday, and will release a new episode for the next 5 weeks… on Tuesday.

A few things about our first episode “Nobody Wants A Starer”.

  • Ben McGinley, owner of McGinley Motion, was a one man crew on the set- shooting, lighting, sound, etc.
  • We had a 2 hour window to finish shooting, as Toussaint picked the genius time to shoot during dusk. As the sun sunk, our practical lighting kept moving.
  • Filmed at Mapps Coffeeshop on Riverside & Cedar Ave, and we’re eternally grateful for them shutting off the house music while we filmed. They’re awesome. We vouch for’em.
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah- the script was written by Toussaint, the short was directed by Toussaint- but the part where Toussaint raises his hand and says “Thank you” is all Ben McGinley. He had a few directorial inputs which we are crediting here… but not in the actual credits. We’re horrible, right?
  • Mapps is an extremely vivacious coffee shop. The sounds of women laughing and a barista pounding a tamp on an espresso machine… yep, that’s au natural.
  • This episode was filmed roughly 2 years ago, and was already previously released. However, because our naivety lead us to use jazz music that was flagged by copyright laws via YouTube, no one was able to watch the episode on a mobile device. So, after producing several more episodes, we hired Dr. Wylie to lay a soundtrack over each short, which gave us exclusive rights to post the damn thing wherever we damn well pleased… damn.

As for the subject matter- c’mon, who hasn’t had the television on while…  Well, while we may not be experts on the theme, Ben McGinley, Paul Rutledge and Mr. Morrison captured the dialogue in #LifeCoach’s first webisode.