After a year of standing monetized on, we’ve moved Linden Killam’s $5 Medicine to a nifty platform known as the Free Music Archive. The FMA is responsible for linking Dr. Wylie’s sounds to multiple short films and Toussaint Morrison’s Can’t Relive The Party to one of the top youtube fashion channels, it gives Mr. Killam’s classical album the best opportunity to be heard ’round the world and placed for commercial use.

Since we posted the album to the FMA a week ago, $5 Medicine was downloaded and requested for commercial use within its first 24 hours. Highlighted songs to listen to and look out for are the final two on the album, Journey To Mars and An Ordinary Day In The Life Of A Superhero.

Click on the album cover to the right to get to download the entire album at the Free Music Archive. If you do use any of the tracks for commercial use, please email Linden at once you’re project is finished and we can post it to our site. Thanks, rock on, and enjoy!