Today, Toussaint Morrison releases his debut single to international PR, and his 4th single from his upcoming album Lesser Restoration.

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Equating the judicial system in America, for black men, as no different than the job of a coroner, Toussaint Morrison wastes no bars in getting straight to the crux of his new single release, Loaded Hearts. Inspired by Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between The World and Me, Morrison rifts on his struggle to determine if his black voice and body aren’t already hegemonized to the point he no longer has ownership over them. Embattled to take control over his skin in a country that has figuratively made it a target, Loaded Hearts is rife with unapologetic disdain for the U.S. judicial system referencing cops as “clones bred from the same venom” and living while black as “a social crime”.

Soul singer Faye Lewis joins Morrison in this ballad of social justice, stepping ever so slightly out of her natural lane of R&B and into a song brimming with synth & reverb. Produced by Dr. Wylie, Loaded Hearts sets the tone & theme of Toussaint Morrison’s upcoming debut album, Lesser Restoration.