Today, Toussaint Morrison releases his debut single to international PR, and his 3rd single from his upcoming album Lesser Restoration.

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An unchecked adolescent roamed Blockbuster in the mid 90’s, renting anime (such as Akira) against his mothers wishes just before running off to the Mall Of America to break curfew and galavant the arcades ’til midnight. Toussaint Morrison reflects not only the lighter side of his past, but the moments that tie into his most trying years as an adult to weigh in on deciding if heartlessness is a cure to heartbreak.

New Gods, featuring Moon & Pollution lead singer Molly Dean and MacPhail Center for Music opera prodigy Chersti Rydning, caravan Morrison’s voice through a village of memories that have clearly kept him up at night, writing throughout the day, and most likely drinking before slumber. Can one song make too many video game references? Toussaint answers that, as well as carving a picture into the fog of a night on his own. Regardless of his answer, New Gods, like Midnight Marauders, is best when listened to at sundown or soon after.