Hey, we’re Urban Home Companion. Remember us?

It’s been awhile since we’ve done- well, anything public, but we’re still here! We’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus since finishing Wylie’s Kickstarter- which WILL be delivered soon- Mr. Morrison & his confidant huddled into the studio and have worked up 20+ tracks, Toussaint’s compilation of spoken word got punted into a 2017 release, and the duo will connect this weekend for Wylie’s wedding. Yes, you heard correct, Dr. Wylie is getting married.

All that aside, we have some exciting announcements: Toussaint Morrison & Dr. Wylie will be officially releasing 9 tracks in the form of an album titled “Lesser Restoration”, and they’ll be performing the tracks with a live band at the Icehouse in Minneapolis, MN on Friday, November 4th!

The album release show of Lesser Restoration will feature over a dozen local artists, new merch, Minneapolis’ own tequila El Nivel, and RLGDPPL opening up the night.

You can purchase tickets online NOW here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2602700

You can also take that same URL, copy and paste it to your twitter or facebook!

Oh, and who’s that in the featured picture to the left of Toussaint? None other than actress, model, and personality Chersti Rydning who will be hosting the show November 4th, as well as featuring on a song during the set.

As always, stay tuned.