Lesser Restoration

Band :
Title : Lesser Restoration
Release Date : May 19, 2017
Format : Digital Download


Toussaint Morrison had a plan. It was to release 5 mixtapes and then immediately release original (non-sampled) material alongside his producer & adventure capitalist Dr. Wylie. Then, 2015 happened, (several anxiety attacks, the loss of his grandmother, acting alongside Judy Greer and Woody Harrelson in the movie Wilson, etc.) dumping said plans into a vat of floating good intention, heartbreak, and self-sabotage. This pitted Morrison with the challenge of finishing the songs he wanted to put out, or confronting matters at hand and writing the songs he had to. Alas, it was the latter.

Lesser Restoration is a short album consisting of 10-song recollection surrounding Morrison’s past year and handful of months. Littered with lamenting his birthplace of New Orleans, owning several years of belligerence, and speaking to “sittin’ in a room full of white smiles, waiting for permission to hope”, Morrison’s new album speaks to the vulnerability of reconstructing your identity apart from who you selfishly thought you were and exploring whiteness in Minnesota. Lesser Restoration considers the advantages of being heartless rather than heartbroken, unlawful than law-abiding, and dying black & proud rather than living submissive through a forced smile.

Although his considerations may never reach definitive resolutions within the context of the album, Morrison still pressures the legacy of whiteness in America having forged the myth of black skin being an ultimate threat to society. That legacy fully encapsulated in “Minnesota” as Toussaint measures it no further than the largest mass execution in U.S. history taking place in Mankato, MN, the lynchings in Duluth, and the murder of Jamar Clark, Philando Castiile and Terrance Franklin in the Twin Cities- all scenarios where a person of color was deemed unworthy of life at the hands of white authority.

To any mind unbeknownst of role playing games, “Lesser Restoration” sounds to be some form of carpentry or a slick-slight-of-hand maneuver originated by contractors. As cool as we’d sound if it were the latter, it is not- also, confirming the author of this bio is not that cool- “Lesser Restoration” is something to tide over an adventurer who has been wounded. In Morrison’s case, it merely satiates the nerves before bigger things yet to come.