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Picking Fights & Blowing Kisses

Band :
Title : Picking Fights & Blowing Kisses
Release Date : February 9, 2010
Format : Digital Download

Jimmy & The Threats are the foster parents of A Capela and Rap. Melding a trio of harmony over beatboxed beats, the group has revolutionized a genre. Although it may be unconventional, The Threats are an experiment gone right, competing in the national harmony sweepstakes and taking home the competition’s best original song in an arena of mildly altered covers.

Established by frontman Toussaint Morrison after breaking from touring the country with live band The Blend to assemble something that wouldn’t necessitate an electrical outlet. Asserting social justice, equity, and the occasional unlawful house party into their literature, Jimmy & The Threats is a strong cocktail only to be imbibed when considering bad decisions.

Toussaint Morrison – Lead
Andrew Berkowitz – Bass
Matt Bissonette – Harmony