Picking Fights & Blowing Kisses
Released: 02.06.10


Track Listing

  1. Mr. Floyd
  2. Silly Guy
  3. Twenty Somethin’
  4. Light Of Day
  5. This Party
  6. How I Met Your Sister

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Erected in 2001, signed by Elite Records, Jimmy and the Threats took the country by storm and quickly rose as one of the top a’capella groups to be reckoned with. Leader of the pack, Jimmy Carmichael, highlighted the groups sound with a bad-boy attitude on-stage that soon began to affect the groups life off-stage.

Numerous physical altercations and knife fights began to spread rumors of the hip-hop a’capella group, as their private lives became public and consumed by mainstream media.

Upon the night of Nov. 27th, 2008, singing to a sold out audience in Boise, Idaho’s prestigious Great Hall, an argument ensued between Jimmy and an audience member behind the building. The shouting turned to violence, and the violence turned to shooting. Jimmy Carmichael had spun out of control, leaving the group to scrounge finances to fund a lawyer for the case, as Epic Records completely removed themselves from the groups name.

Now, with Jimmy on the constant rocks, and their backs against a wall larger than that really big one in China, the trio strives to keep alive upon the furious streets of the United States of America. Truly starving artists, with attitude and arrogance beyond that of a doped up Robert Downey Jr’s, they’ve recently released their first EP.